Hey mom, ready to put the fun back into parenting?

Your Kids Are Awesome is a complete, ready-to-use system for positive reinforcement, from the makers of Awesome Deck of Awesome!

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Help your child build a positive self-image!

Reward kids without always resorting to sweets or money!

Teach patience and working toward goals!

Printing printable Awesome Cards is as easy as 1.2.3!



Take the file to your friendly local copy shop.



Ask them to print the pages on their thickest card-stock. For added durability, see if they can laminate them as well.



Have them cut out your cards.


And that's all!


(if you want to make Awesome Stickers, just print on sticker paper!)




Cram-packed full of ideas, tips, and the science behind positive parenting. This book has over 70 tips for positive reinforcement and letting  kids know they are AWESOME!

Chapter 1: The power of positive reinforcement

Chapter 2: Getting started with Awesome Deck of Awesome

Chapter 3: Dealing with difficult behavior and reinforcing the good

Chapter 4: Awesome Cards for teaching or modifying behavior

Chapter 5: Teaching life skills through play

Chapter 6: Positively just for fun

2 types of contracts are included, Chores and Tasks, which specify the behaviors you want to focus on; and Rewards, which simply explain how to redeem Awesome cards in your home. Just print them and fill them out with your kids.

Each card is adorable, unique, and has a positive message of encouragement for your child. There are cards for both boys and girls in this set. Kids love earning and collecting these cards! Print them on card-stock (or have them printed at your local copy shop) and begin using them today!

page eBook, "Your Kids Are Awesome"

printable Awesome Contracts

printable Awesome Cards

Yes, my kids are AWESOME!


Yes, my kids are AWESOME!


just $6.99

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